Fear of Failure – Nov. 2016

Within the last week, I changed my career path. I entered college with the mindset of leaving as a doctor. I love the human body and I love learning about how our bodies work. I also love helping people. So, in my mind I figured being a doctor would be a great profession for me. However, I have learned that I can have an interest in one thing, but also in something else.

I made my major Political Science, this has nothing to do with the body, I know. But, an unusual major stands out to the application committee. It also makes sense to major in something that you enjoy. So, I knew Political Science was the way to go. The first semester is coming to an end, and I now have a different outlook on careers and professions. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the body and medicine. But, I know that a career in medicine is not what I want to pursue.

I am not double majoring in Mass Communications – Broadcasting, and Political Science. I have decided that I want to pursue the career of a News Anchor. I have learned that I can still help people even if I am not a doctor. Even doing the smallest acts of shedding my own knowledge to others will help them.

Medical School seemed to be challenging, but no more challenging than anything else. Everything is going to come with a struggle at one point or another. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” This being said, I am ready for every challenge I am going to encounter, and I am excited for this new experience.

So, have you asked yourself yet, “how does this title intertwine with what she is talking about?” It’s okay, I’m about to explain it to you. __ Last night, as I was scrolling through Instagram, one of my favorite accounts popped up with a new post: Jordan Lee (@soulscripts). She is an amazing, God-fearing woman who is dedicated to what she does. She writes from her soul, hoping to encourage. If you don’t follow her, now is the time. Anyway, back to the post. She posted about a podcast that she was featured on. As soon as I read that, I went to listen to the podcast. As I was listening, I was hearing WAY too much, but in a good way. Too much for my mind to process. So, I started it all over, and grabbed my journal and a pen. I began to take notes and take down what I felt stood out to me the most. One of the first things Jordan said was, “We let the fear of failure stifle us…” I connected with this on a whole other level.

How many times have YOU stopped yourself from doing something because you didn’t think that you would do well? I can answer for myself: TOO MANY TIMES. Too many times, I have let opportunities pass me by because of the fear of failure. Last night even, I started to post a picture on Instagram of my journaling from the podcast. Hence the word “started.” I decided not to post it, because my handwriting wasn’t neat and pretty enough. Silly, huh? The point I’m trying to make is that even the smallest obstacles are sometimes too much for us — BECAUSE OF THE FEAR OF FAILURE. But, how do we know if we would actually fail, if we never take the chance?

So, here I am now. Double majoring in two AMAZING majors, beginning my own blog, and seeing where this life is going to take me. The purpose of this blog, my FIRST blog, is to (hopefully) persuade you to take chances. Know that if He lets us fail, there is a reason behind it. Don’t search for that reason, pick up the pieces, and try again. “Who are we to tell God how to work in us?”


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