Preparing for College – Mar. 2017

High school is honestly the best four years of your life. They say you’ll miss it when you’re gone, and they are 100% correct. After you graduate, be ready for a sense of freedom, and also a whole new world. Here are a few tips, for anyone who needs, or wants them.


If getting up early isn’t something you’re good at (I’m guilty), then take later classes. *9:00 AM classes are NO easier to wake up for than 8:00 AM classes!!* My schedule this entire school year has been strictly Tuesday, and Thursday classes – no classes were earlier than 9:30 AM, and none were later than 3:30 PM. This schedule has been ideal for me – I love to learn, but hate going to class… relatable?



Major in something that YOU ARE interested in. If you aren’t interested in what you’re learning, you won’t enjoy it. If you’re wanting to apply for a graduate school, like Medical or Law School, your major does not matter. Most people think there is a certain or specific major that you should do, and there isn’t.


I, personally, hate dorms. Make sure that you know what you’re getting into, before you get yourself into it. Stock up on necessities, the summer before the school year. Ideal college stock piles include: shampoo/conditioner, soap, toilet paper, face wash, toothpaste, deodorant, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags.


Paying for college:

College is not, by any means, cheap. If you want to go to a College/University, then be prepared to be out some money, sooner, or later. Community colleges are great ideas – this is the cheapest way to go about getting your basics out of the way. There are loans you can take out, and they do not have to be paid back until after you graduate, or if you quit.

Working in college:

If you aren’t taking too many classes, don’t feel overwhelmed, or if you’re just a broke college student (trust me, it happens), get a part-time job! There is nothing like making, and having your own money.


Visiting home:

If you’re like me, then moving away from home, and everyone you’re close to, is a BIG transition. I go home as much as possible. However, if you have more willpower than me, I honestly recommend that you stay away from home for at least a month at a time. “Home” isn’t going anywhere, it’ll always be there. Enjoy your new “home.”

Freedom (too much?):

If you grew up with strict parents, or parents that weren’t necessarily as lenient as you wanted, now IS NOT the time to crazy just because you have freedom. You can have fun, and be a college student, but have self-control.

Things hardly ever go as planned:

Literally, everything you have planned in your head, right now, will more than likely not go as planned. You have to be willing to go a different route, if need be. Believe me, things change. Everything I’m doing right now, is nothing that I had planned this time last year. Be open-minded, and know, that everything happens for a reason.




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