My Favorite Youtubers – Mar. 2017

Heeeyyyy everyone!! I have so many blogs that I want to post, and I can’t wait to post them all! For now, I am going to start with one that I think y’all will enjoy – My favorite Youtubers. Literally, if you’re like me, and watch Youtube faithfully, then you have some (or a lot.. oops) people that you just can’t wait for them to upload a new video. I am going to tell y’all my TOP 5, personal favorite, Youtubers. Lets go. 😉

Number 1 –



Y’ALL, I LOVE HIM! He posts makeup tutorials, first impressions, reviews (brutally honest), and get ready with me videos, etc. He has almost 4 Million subscribers. He is one of those people, either you hate him, or you love him. He has that type of personality, that is outgoing, sassy, and outspoken. At first, I was kinda on edge, like “uhh..” Then I was like, “yeah, I LOVE him!!” He gives you his honest opinion on everything that he tries. “Is this Jeffreestar approved?” Like, seriously, he wont let you waste your money. Jeffree a b s o l u t e l y  loves highlighter (don’t we all?). He also has his own cosmetic line, but I have never tried it. He does all kinds of crazy, entertaining challenges. He cut a Chanel Bag in half with fire!! Seriously, if you love Youtube, makeup, and a little bit of crazy, check out his channel.

Number 2 –

Manny MUA


Manny is a lot like Jeffree. Manny, and Jeffree, are actually very close friends! They actually just did their first collaboration, it launches April 8th, 2017! Manny’s attitude is a lot like Jeffree’s, outspoken, sassy, and honest. He does makeup tutorials, first impressions, reviews, hauls, how-to’s, etc. He has almost 3 Million subscribers. At the beginning of his videos, he says, “If you don’t like me, please don’t watch it.” It gets funnier each video. One of my favorite videos of his, is not a makeup related video, at all. It is a storytime video. I love how honest he is. So, if you wanna laugh, learn some new makeup tips, or just watch some good videos, this is the guy for you!

Number 3 –

Jayla Koriyan aka The Glamaholic


Jayla is seriously such a motivational person to watch. She has her main channel, and a vlog channel. Her main channel has almost 300 Thousand subscribers, and her vlog channel has almost 120 Thousand subscribers. She is a youtuber, author, and entrepreneur. Guess what… she’s only 22. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re thinking “wow, how does she do it.” She, honestly, gives me motivation to go after my dreams. Her videos include: makeup, hauls, advice, and vlogs. I really enjoy her vlogs, because I get a real look into her life. She also posts on her Snapchat a lot, with really good advice. Her most recent vlog, was super good! It was kinda lengthy, which I like. She is definitely my favorite female youtuber. If you ever want to hear/see good college/life advice, go to her channel!

Number 4 –

Diana Saldana


Diana also has two channels, a beauty channel, and a vlog channel. Her beauty channel is full of tutorials, reviews, routines, etc. Her vlog channel is a great way to get to know her! She seems to be such a sweet person! I love watching her beauty channel, because we have the same (oily) skin. So, if you have skin like us, her channel is the one for you! Her vlog channel is full of exciting videos. She lives in California, that is exciting in itself. One of my favorite vlogs of hers is from Vlogmas. One of my favorite beauty videos is a dupe video! Who doesn’t love a dupe?!? She posts new videos every Monday, and Friday! I love consistency. If makeup, and vlogs excite you, then check out her channel.

Number 5 –

UglyChrisszy C


Y’alllllll, this is seriously one of my fave’s. I am waiting on her to seriously BLOW UP!! Her makeup is b o m b 25/8. She can do other peoples makeup, just as well as her own (this is rare.. ya feel me?). I came across her on Facebook, because someone I know, knows someone, who knows her (no, but seriously). Anyway, I added her on Snapchat, just waiting each day, hoping she would do a snap tutorial. As I kept watching her, I was thinking “this girl needs to do Youtube, like seriously.” Then, what do you know, SHE POSTED A CAMERA ON SNAP!! Y’all, I could not wait for her Youtube channel to be up! Now, her channel is up, and running. She has almost 600 subscribers, and this is what I mean when I say “I am waiting on her to seriously BLOW UP!!” She is extremely talented! She has 5 videos up, as of now. 4 of these 5 videos are makeup related, the other has to do with hair. Her first video, an everyday makeup look, is amazing! Don’t you wish you could have an “everyday makeup look” THAT flawless? She is actually who I got the idea from about the Mask of Magnaminty, that I mentioned in my skin care blog! Subscribe to her on Youtube, follow her on snap, the whole 9-yards, you w i l l n o t regret it.

I guess I’ll add a cherry on top for y’all.

Last, but not least, another one of my favorite youtubers is Keeping Up With Kenz. This happens to be my best friend. She just started her Youtube about 3 weeks ago, but has wanted to do it for SO long. She has almost 60 subscribers. She has a few videos up right now! 50 facts about her, storytime, vlog, and also a foreign candy video! I’m in one of those videos, but you have to watch to find out which one. 😉 She ends her videos with an inspiring Bible verse, and also a blooper. Even if she weren’t my best friend, I would still watch her videos, because she’s just a funny person. So, y’all go watch her videos, find which one I’m in, subscribe to her, and keep watching! I’m sure I’ll be back on her channel soon, and even when I’m not, she’s gonna be posting r e a l l y good videos.


Is it just me, or do y’all also grow a bond with your favorite Youtuber’s? I feel like I really know them, especially when I have them on Snapchat.

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog! MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT EVERYONE I TALKED ABOUT!  Please, and thank you. 🙂 I will be back soon, with a new blog.

xoxo, liz.


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